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We offer a variety of services for both enterprises and startups, focused around DevOps and dealing with data

Generative AI / Machine Learning

Machine learning and generative AI both learn from data, but their purposes and strategies differ. Here's how: Machine learning is focused on analyzing data to find patterns and make accurate predictions. GenAI, on the other hand, is focused on creating new data that resembles training data

GenAI Quickstart

Rearc's GenAI Quickstart service is designed to help your organization harness the power of generative AI quickly and effectively.

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Generative AI Workshops

A 1-2 day workshop to guide you from an initial idea to a detailed GenAI use-case, complete with an implementation plan.

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Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

Machine learning and generative AI depend on your data. MLOps helps automate the process.


Our array of services is extensive, comprehensive, and endlessly adaptable, ensuring you receive precisely what aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

Data Platform Foundation

Successful data platforms need a strong foundation to ensure operational effectiveness and generate value. Learn about key components to a strong foundation for your Data Platform.

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Data Collaboration and Sharing

Data Collaboration and Sharing is a powerful concept that allows enterprises to unlock unique use cases for their organization. These use cases must be supported with the appropriate design that takes into consideration the security and privacy while still achieving appropriate utility. Rearc can help implement an appropriate solution to meet your Data Collaboration needs.

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Data Migration

Data curation is the organization and integration of data collected from various sources. It involves annotation, publication and presentation of the data so that the value of the data is maintained over time, and the data remains available for reuse and preservation.

Unity Catalog Migration

Rearc can help you migrate your existing Databricks resources to Unity Catalog in the blink of an eye.


Powerful & flexible cloud platforms are the foundation for rapid, secure software development at scale. Rearc helps enterprises navigate the DevOps and cloud landscape with our experienced and talented engineers.

Platform Engineering

We guide enterprises through the strategy and implementation of a cloud platform, empowering engineers and allowing them to achieve their strategic objectives with confidence.

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Cloud Migration

We guide organizations through the seamless migration of their workloads, applications, and data to the cloud, empowering them to harness the full potential of cloud.

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Application Modernization

We guide businesses through the modernization of their legacy applications, empowering them to thrive in the new software and data-driven world.

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Software Architecture and Engineering

We provide expert architecture and engineering services to help businesses develop cutting-edge software solutions that drive success.

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Going hand-in-hand with the developing a mature cloud platform is security. Rearc guides customers on their cloud journey to naturally incorporate security into their SDLC.

SDLC Hardening

We guide organizations through the implementation of SDLC hardening practices, empowering them to build secure, resilient, and high-quality software solutions.

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Runtime Security

We provide expert runtime security engineering services to help businesses protect their applications and data from malicious actors and cyber attacks.

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Cloud Security Posture Management

We provide comprehensive CSPM solutions to help businesses enhance their cloud security and mitigate risks.

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Cloud Governance and Compliance

We provide expert cloud governance and compliance controls to help businesses navigate the complexities of the cloud securely and confidently.

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