Case Study

Large Scale M&A Cloud Migration


The Alight M&A Cloud Migration Engagement was a year-long multi-faceted large-scale cloud migration project. Alight had acquired a suite of leave/absence management products and needed to move to the acquired products/applications into Alight’s AWS environments; Rearc was brought on to lead the overall effort from a technical perspective including networking, security, cloud, IaC, DevOps, development, and more.



  • Evaluate: quickly and intimately learn the applications, environments, stakeholders, etc.
  • Plan: create a detailed plan to make sure that we address all the key concerns, milestones, objectives, timelines, and more.
  • Execute: deliver on what’s promised, lead by example, promote transparency, etc.
  • Retro: use regular feedback loops to improve the quality and velocity of delivery.


  • Full suite of products successfully migrated to new parent company.
  • Hundreds of millions in revenue unimpacted by the incredibly complex migration.
  • New and improved design patterns, tooling, automation, culture, and more.
  • Improved visibility into complex applications from deep-dives and refactoring efforts.
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