Our Journey to the Cloud

Bringing together the best minds in cloud, data, and AI to help businesses succeed._

How the story began_


The Spark

Rearc's founders lead Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal through an unprecedented and highly successful 3-year transformation journey to public cloud and introduce DevOps practices. This experience sparked their imaginations, filling their minds with the endless possibilities of cloud.


Rearc Founded

Milin, Mahesh and Chloe make the decision to leave Dow Jones and start Rearc.

Building a Following

Guardian Life Insurance begins their cloud journey and becomes Rearc's first enterprise customer.


Rearc x AWS

Rearc successfully establishes itself as an AWS Delivery Partner and expands its expertise to AWS Cloud Security.


Rearc Data Practice is established

Rearc enters the data space with an exclusive launch partnership with AWS Data Exchange (ADX).

Rearc earns its first AWS Competency in DevOps

Rearc partners with Goldman Sachs to build its first cloud-native data platform for credit cards.


Thriving in a time of crisis

Rearc goes open source by offering free curated COVID-19 public datasets available to all customers through ADX. Rearc publishes over 400 datasets on ADX. Rearc achieves AWS Advanced Partner status.


Rearc goes Global

Rearc hires its first engineers outside of the United States. New team members join from around the globe in India and Poland.

Rearc becomes an AWS ProServe delivery partner


Rearc x Databricks

Rearc establishes itself as an expert Databricks Delivery partner. Rearc is granted DCIF funding and ProServe partner capability through Databricks. Rearc is invited to become an early adopter of Databricks Delta Sharing.


Rearc earns its AWS Migration Competency


Having proven expertise, Rearc joins Databricks in launching its data marketplace. Rearc partners with Mastercard and Databricks to build the first financial services data collaboration use case on Databricks Cleanrooms.


Rearc launches a new practice area focused on Generative AI and LLM Ops

Rearc releases MLOps whitepaper.

Rearc releases LLM demo showcasing enterprise RAG based LLM framework using Databricks

Rearc wins its first project to deliver enterprise Generative AI capabilities on top of AWS.

Rearc @ Databricks Data + AI Summit

Rearc becomes a sponsor for the Databricks Data and AI summit.

How we work

What drives our success

Engineering mindset

By approaching problems like engineers, we encourage everyone to focus on being creative problem solvers. We find the issues impacting our stakeholders, connect the dots, and focus on creating long-term, sustainable outcomes.

Bringing value through collaboration

We partner closely with our customers to assist with strategy and implementation so they can get cloud right by driving enablement and accelerating development efforts. Rearc brings in experience-driven thought leadership and an exceptionally skilled engineering team for such transformational and strategic initiatives.

Small, sharp teams

We structure ourselves in small, sharp teams. Empowering teams to figure out real problems and deliver on solutions for their customer allows them to make a big impact.

Work-life harmony

We want our people to feel a sense of happiness and accomplishment every day. Building a work environment where people feel empowered, comfortable, and motivated to make an impact is at the core of our culture. We are committed to our people first.

our partners

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The foundation of our culture

Our values are the foundation of our culture at Rearc, deeply interconnected with our everyday actions and guiding every decision we make.

Rearc Core Values
we are remote

Our office is the world

Our team members are located all over the world, with offices in NY and NJ

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Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do you best work.

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