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Data Platform Foundation

Successful data platforms need a strong foundation to ensure operational effectiveness and generate value. Learn about key components to a strong foundation for your Data Platform.

A solid start_

Your data strategy requires a solid foundation. Rearc will work with you to create base elements of your strategy in the data platform that best meets your goals. Get a head start with solid platform security, data governance and data onboarding implemented to unlock value quickly.


How can we help?

Let the experts at Rearc assist you with building a solid Data Platform Foundation.

Databricks Quickstart

Rearc will quickly setup the Databricks Platform to onboard your data users and workloads. The platform will be configured with appropriate security decisions, identity management and enabled with Unity Catalog for data governance.


Your data is generated in many places and formats. Work with Rearc to ingest your data sources to unlock visibility through your data platform. Real-Time? Event-based? Batches? No matter the type of data Rearc will work with you to design an automated process to onboard your data sets.

Data Refinement

Raw data sources are the first stop, but refinement is where valuable insights are found. Rearc will design and implement data pipelines to transform, process and enrich your base data into actionable insights.


Treat your data logic the same as your application code. Rearc will apply industry best-practices to drive productivity for your data teams. Deploy your data pipelines through automated CI/CD processes and improve consistancy. Rearc will identify pain points by working directly with data scientists and engineers and implement solutions.

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