Case Study

Cloud Platform Buildout


Founded more than 150 years ago, Guardian Life has been serving American families quality products and services for over a century. Guardian recognized that their offerings needed to be built on a platform of equal quality to maintain their longevity and looked to build a hybrid cloud environment that utilized all the power of AWS and modern software development practices.

By partnering with Rearc, Guardian was able to pair their excellent internal engineering staff with our SMEs that specialized in cloud and DevOps best practices. The partnership was only further enhanced by Guardian’s desire to build out a holistic and mature solution, a core element of Rearc’s delivery model.


As often is the case with many mature cloud implementations, Rearc leveraged native AWS-services and industry standard open source tooling to architect and implement an end-to-end platform with a heightened focus on security and high availability. Full automation was prioritized throughout the SDLC including advanced security controls and policies leveraging tools and frameworks such as SAST, DAST, firewalls, IPS/IDS, SCPs, and more to create performant and resilient solutions fully compliant with regulatory requirements.


Guardian was able to experience a seamless journey into the cloud and push the envelope on setting up best practices in the cloud. With more than a century of providing quality products and services to families under their belt, they’re primed to continue their standards of excellence for years ahead.

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