Case Study

Fraud Search Platform Optimization


Rearc was asked by AWS Proserv to review a Fortune 500 company's existing cloud-native application that leveraged S3 and AWS Athena. The customer was having challenges with queries running slowly and inaccurately. Rearc worked with the customer to select OpenSearch as a migration target for the application and iteratively proved out the concept.



  • PoC: the PoC phase focuses on proving the idea or plan before putting effort into deep technical perfection.
  • MVP: MVP is focused on delivering the minimum list of features in a production way that allow the business to derive value.
  • Release: releases are focused on iterative improvements and features based on business needs.


  • Time to retrieve a single record from 2.3M transactions was improved to 483ms using OpenSearch compared to Athena taking approximately 2,000ms from 30 records.
  • Time to filter transactions from 2.3M records was improved to 241ms using OpenSearch, compared to 2,640ms in Athena from 30 records.
  • Customer was able to query significantly more data while also leveraging a 10x speed improvement.
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