Case Study

Enterprise Security Strategy


Rearc partnered with a large enterprise client to solidify their holistic security posture and shift security left. Centralized modules and libraries were created with baked in best practices that allowed teams to seamlessly and innocuously integrate security into their applications. CICD pipelines would automatically trigger separate tooling to scan your static code, dynamically detect vulnerabilities, intrusion detection and prevention, and more.



  • Access Control: automated creation and management of least-privileged identities for applications at creation time.
  • Hands-Off Security: automated security scans during builds, config at deploy time, and monitoring at runtime for cloud applications.
  • Smooth DevX: first class application developer experience keeps engineering teams focused on delivering business value while staying secure by default.


  • Rearc built a comprehensive cloud platform product for application developers with access control and security posture baked-in.
  • Shift-left security practices enabled developers to address vulnerabilities with lower cycle time.
  • Compliance tooling integrated to meet the stringent security needs of the financial services industry.
  • Premier developer experience empowered developers to keep working on business features, lowering time-to-market.
  • Automated operational compliance and security monitoring reduced the friction between dev teams and traditionally siloed security teams.
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