Case Study

ADX Publishing at Scale


Rearc was asked to help a Fortune 500 payments processing company publish data products to the AWS Data Exchange enabling new data-driven revenue streams and broader customer reach.

The customer's operational team was small and there was a requirement to minimize the operational overhead while ensuring that only vetted services were leveraged in the architecture. Scalability and support for granular data products were key, as they intended to sell a wide variety of data sets.



  • Rearc worked directly with AWS Professional Services to architect a serverless application that publishes S3 data sets to AWS Data Exchange.
  • To ensure all compliance requirements were met, Rearc sourced application components directly from AWS Service Catalog offerings published by the customer's cloud engineering and security teams.
  • Rearc leveraged a development and production environment, CI/CD pipelines, and AWS logging to ensure a production grade application was deployed.


  • Customer successfully onboarded their first data products into ADX.
  • Strong foundation to continue to grow its cloud data footprint.
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