Case Study

Accelerating and Securing Innovation


As organizations strive to innovate rapidly, enhancing development velocity for their applications have become crucial. Rearc partnered with a Fortune 250 customer with the primary objective of streamlining the creation of net-new applications with built-in best practices. Key challenges included ensuring seamless integration with existing systems, maintaining robust security practices, accelerating time-to-market, retaining quality, and more.


Development Velocity Diagram

  • Best Practices: by standardizing all aspects of developing net-new products, from Jenkins pipelines to Terraform modules, shared services teams were able to rapidly and consistently deliver value across all product teams.
  • Pipelines as Code: CICD pipeline creation was also automated and standardized to ensure consistency and security across the various product teams; the complexities of setting up approved design patterns were abstracted away.
  • Infrastructure as Code: accelerated development by empowering a central DevOps team to create a repository of battle-tested Terraform modules that incorporated the organization’s security posture and architectural guidance.


  • Accelerated time-to-market: significantly reduced the time required to develop, test, and deploy new applications.
  • Improved developer productivity: developers were able to focus more on innovation and less on manual configuration and troubleshooting.
  • Robust security and compliance: integrating automated security scans and compliance checks into the development pipeline ensured that all applications met the industry and company’s stringent security and regulatory requirements.
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