Case Study

Data Center Migration


Rearc performed an application portfolio assessment and designed a migration strategy for a client data center. Post planning, Rearc leveraged infrastructure as code to deliver a new cloud landing zone in AWS and created an account factory for future growth.



  • IaC: Rearc leveraged best-practice Infrastructure as Code patterns to provision AWS resources.
  • Data: Rearc partnered with the client to migrate the datacenter applications into the new AWS landing zone.
  • Optimize: Rearc deprecated redundant services to reduce the TCO of the acquisitions environment.


  • The entire data center was migrated in under six months.
  • The team was onboarded and upskilled with Rearc engineers to adopt modern IaC principles and practices.
  • his migration and landing zone pattern was leveraged for several more migrations within the client organization.
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