Case Study

Green Logistics with EU & UK Emission Zones


Many cities in the UK and EU implement Low Emission Zones, which reduce pollution by limiting the kinds of vehicles that can enter certain city areas at particular times. Amazon’s EU logistics team require detailed GIS data on these zones to plan routes that comply with the emission zone rules.



Rearc was able to partner with a third party provider of EU & UK Emission Zone data and license an API to access zone data. Rearc set up a dataflow to extract the necessary information from the API, transform it to Amazon’s requested format, enrich with additional data and metadata, and deliver to Amazon.

Rearc also served an advisory role, educating the Amazon Logistics team on how best to structure and analyze data for their intended use case.


  • Amazon uses Rearc’s data product to plan logistics and routing for zones across 15 EU member states and the UK.
  • The data includes future planned zones, which Amazon uses to anticipate and plan for upcoming changes and new zones.
  • Rearc’s data enrichment added the ability to highlight changes in emission zones, allowing Amazon to rapidly modify their logistics strategy as zone requirements change.
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