Case Study

Powering a Media Business with AWS


Bloomberg LP is one of the most successful limited partnerships to date with its near ubiquity across the financial services industry and in consumer consumption of financial and business news. In maintaining its prestigious status as an industry leader, some of the key drivers for its continued success include constant innovation and modernization. With outdated on-prem platforms quickly losing out to modern cloud platforms, Bloomberg quickly identified the need to update its tech stack to reflect the changing times.

Partnering with Rearc, Bloomberg sought to leverage the full capabilities of the cloud via AWS. Utilizing all the tools and benefits that modern cloud and DevOps practices has to offer, we architected a comprehensive solution that covered all the technical pillars of a cloud migration including DevOps, infrastructure, networking, security, and more.


We built an end-to-end solution that leveraged state-of-the-art AWS-native services and open source tools to create a robust hybrid cloud environment. Implementation included tools and solutions such as: a fully automated SDLC via Terraform and Jenkins, a hybrid-cloud platform via direct connects and transit gateways, a secure environment via Security Hub and GuardDuty, a high-performance and fault-tolerant web application via EKS and RDS, and much more.


Bloomberg LP in its partnership with Rearc was able to accelerate their cloud journey, leveraging our industry-proven experience in designing and implementing performant and secure cloud and DevOps platforms, cementing Bloomberg’s status as an industry leader and laying the foundation for their continued success for many decades to come.

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